Aeschynanthus – LIPSTICK PLANT

Aeschynanthus – LIPSTICK PLANT

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Add a touch of the tropics to your indoors! This is a cute little tropical trailing plant that pops out tiny red flowers throughout the year – the flowers they may be small but they make up for it in number!

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LIGHT: For best results provide plenty of bright, filtered light but avoid direct hot sunlight. If flowering is sparse move the plant to somewhere a little brighter.


WATER: Water the lipstick plant moderately and be sure not to soak the soil or you risk root rot and fungal problems. Lipstick plants really don’t like too much water.


GROWTH HABIT: This is a compact trailing plant with dark green pointed leaves; and narrow, small, dark red tubular flowers produced almost continuously in spring and summer and intermittently through the year.  Add some all-purpose slow-release fertiliser at the beginning of spring and summer to keep the plant flowering well. A hanging basket is a good pot for the cascading Lipstick plant.

SIZE: Will grow to 70-80cm long

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