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Alocasia Regunila – BLACK VELVET

Alocasia Regunila – BLACK VELVET

GST Included

Black Velvet is a dwarf Alocasia and has dark, almost black leaves, adorned with brilliant silvery-white veins and a velvety look with the underneath throwing off a purple tone. This colouring makes for a strikingly beautiful plant.

LIGHT: Prefers bright but indirect sunlight.


WATER: Black Velvet’s prefer well-drained soil on the drier side - like a succulent let the soil dry out a little between watering.


GROWTH HABIT: A Black Velvet will adjust its size according to the amount of sun it receives. The more sun it receives the smaller it will be, the less sun it receives the larger it will become "to a point". It's important to note that these plants go dormant in the Wintertime and come back strong in the Spring.


SIZE: Can grow to 60cm tall.

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