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Alpinia Zerumbet – VARIEGATED GINGER

Alpinia Zerumbet – VARIEGATED GINGER

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The Variegated Ginger is used in traditional medicines and is often grown as an ornamental plant, with long broad variegated green and yellow leaves.

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LIGHT: Position your Variegated Ginger somewhere it’ll receive indirect sunlight. It’ll tolerate some morning sun.


WATER: The Variegated Ginger likes humidity, dry air will cause the tips and margins of the leaves to brown. Like most houseplants, it doesn’t like to be kept consistently moist. Overwatering will lead to root rot so keep the watering consistent but do allow the top layer of soil to start to dry between watering.


GROWTH HABIT: Its low growing habit makes it an ideal ground cover or boarder plant. The Variegated Ginger flowers are small white flowers that have a shell-like appearance and bloom on a hanging stalk.


SIZE: Will grow to 1 meter +

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