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Calathea Musaica – NETWORK CALATHEA

Calathea Musaica – NETWORK CALATHEA

GST Included

-100mm pot-

Calathea Musaica has beautifully decorated, long bright yellow-green leaves with tiny deep green stripes all over the leaves giving it a beautiful mosaic appearance.

LIGHT: Musaica’s require bright indirect sunlight but are tolerant of lower light conditions, making them great indoor houseplants.


WATER: Musaica’s do like a continuous availability of water in their soil but ensure good drainage so the roots are never soaked or standing in water. Remember to reduce watering slightly in Winter.


GROWTH HABIT: Musaica’s grow by means of a creeping rhizome but are not at all invasive. Your plant will expand quickly enough to fill a decorative pot or that shady area in your garden.


Colour: Can grow up to 50 cm tall.

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