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Calathea Rufibarba – VELVET CALATHEA

Calathea Rufibarba – VELVET CALATHEA

GST Included

The Calathea is native to the Americas and the Calathea Rufibarba or more commonly the Velvet Calathea, has striking leaves that are the attraction for tropical gardeners and indoor plant lovers.

LIGHT: Calatheas require bright indirect sunlight but are tolerant of lower light conditions, making them great indoor houseplants.


WATER: Never allow roots to be standing in water but they do enjoy continuous availability of water in their soil. Water often to obtain this condition but ensure excellent drainage. Reduce watering slightly in winter.


GROWTH HABIT: Velvet Calathea has long, narrow deep green leaves with a deep purple underside. The Calathea rufibarba gets its common name from the furry or velvety feel of the underside of the leaf. Calatheas grow by means of a creeping rhizome but are not at all invasive. Your plant will expand quickly enough to fill a decorative pot or that shady area in your garden.


SIZE: Can grow up to 50cm tall.

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