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Calathea Zebrina – ZEBRA PLANT

Calathea Zebrina – ZEBRA PLANT

GST Included

Grown for its bold, bright leaves this stunning Zebra plant is hard to miss!

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LIGHT: In their natural habitat Calatheas dwell in forest areas shaded by trees without direct sunlight, which is why a bright but shaded spot within a warm greenhouse suits them very well. Anywhere else indoors just needs to be bright without direct sunlight.


WATER: During the growing season water thoroughly and keep the soil moist (remember this plant loves moisture). In winter growing slows down or stops, so reduce watering and allow the top soil to become slightly dry between each watering. If you can - rain or distilled water and avoid cold hard water.


GROWTH HABIT: Caltheas love a warm but shaded spot in greenhouses or conservatories, but anywhere indoors without cold drafts and enough light is suitable. A bright bathroom large enough to house the plant can be a good location, because of the higher moisture levels.


SIZE: Will grow up to 1 meter tall.

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