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Chamaedorea Elegans – PARLOUR PALM

Chamaedorea Elegans – PARLOUR PALM

GST Included

-100mm pot-

The parlor palm is the quintessential houseplant – the proof is right in the name. Parlor Palm’s make ideal indoor plants because they grow very slowly and thrive in low light and cramped space. It’s also an excellent air purifier.

LIGHT: Parlor Palms prefer low light and may actually suffer in direct sunlight, so there’s no need to place them in your brightest window. They’ll do best by a window that receives some early morning or late afternoon light. They’ll survive completely away from windows if that’s what your space requires.


WATER: Water your indoor Parlor Palm sparingly – underwatering is better than overwatering. Allow the soil to begin to dry between watering, and water even less in the winter.


GROWTH HABIT: The parlor palm is a slow grower, often taking years to reach its full height.


SIZE:  Will grow to around 1m tall.

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