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Codiaeum Variegatum – CROTON PETRA

Codiaeum Variegatum – CROTON PETRA

GST Included

-100mm pot-

This variety of Codiaeum Variegatum is commonly called Petra and is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. It has fatter leaves than its cousins with rich green leaves and yellow colouring along the leaf veins.

LIGHT: Prefers indirect, bright light and avoiding direct sunlight. The Petra will even grow in artificial light which makes it an ideal houseplant.


WATER:  The Petra likes a humid environment so mist regularly to assist with this. Moderate watering is needed, keeping the soil moist during Spring/Summer.


GROWTH HABIT: This is a dense and compact plant when young which can become more rounded and leggy when mature it’s a hardy plant particularly in warmer climates.


SIZE: Can grow to 50cm tall.

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