Codiaeum Variegatum – CROTON GOLD DUST

Codiaeum Variegatum – CROTON GOLD DUST


This variety of Codiaeum Variegatum is commonly called Gold Dust and is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. It has narrow green strappy leaves with gold flecks/splodges hence the name.

LIGHT: Prefers indirect, bright light and avoiding direct sunlight. The Gold Dust will even grow in artificial light which makes it an ideal houseplant.


WATER:  The Gold Dust likes a humid environment so mist regularly to assist with this. Moderate watering is needed, keeping the soil moist during Spring/Summer.


GROWTH HABIT: This is a dense and compact plant when young which can become more rounded and leggy when mature it’s a hardy plant particularly in warmer climates.


SIZE: Can grow to 50cm tall.

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