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Cyclamen are charming favourites with distinctive flowers and upturned petals providing vibrant colour through the cooler months. These elegant flowers are long lasting and come in shades of pink, purple, red and white.


Sorry but specific colours cannot be ordered. They’re all stunning though!

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LIGHT: Cyclamen like living in a light, airy place, so being in a dark spot on the coffee table quickly leads to problems. When deprived of light, new leaves are smaller and grow on longer stalks.


WATER:  The best way to water is to wait until the plant is almost dry, or starting to wilt, then stand the pot in water for 30 minutes or until the soil is soaked. As the weather warms, flowering stops and the leaves turn yellow. This is a sign that the plant wants to rest, so stop watering!


GROWTH HABIT: Cyclamen are long flowering - usually from April through winter and into spring. Remove dead flowers and leaves as soon as they appear. The ideal temperature for Cyclamen is about 10ºC, so best in an unheated room.


SIZE: Will grow to 30cm tall.

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