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Epipremenum Amplisssimum

Epipremenum Amplisssimum

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The Epipremnum Amplissimum is an easy to care for, fast growing plant with long slender leaves in a rich deep green. It’s a vining plant that’ll do best when it has something to climb up.


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LIGHT: The Epipremnum Amplissimum will happily live in medium light, but for the lushest and prettiest foliage give it plenty of bright indirect light.


WATER: Give it a good soak but then let it dry out a little between watering.


GROWTH HABIT: The Epipremnum Amplissimum is an evergreen vine that in its natural environment will typically climb on a tree as an epiphyte.


SIZE: Will grow up to 15m in the right conditions but is easily contained indoors in a pot.

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