Ficus Elastica Tineke – RUBBER PLANT

Ficus Elastica Tineke – RUBBER PLANT

GST Included

This plant has stunning pink, cream and green variegated leaves, is native to East India, Bhutan, Burma, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and is known by many names including, Decora, Rubber Plant, Rubber Tree.

LIGHT: They grow well in a warm sunny position but don't like the scorching sun and will grow best in bright indirect sunlight.


WATER: Even though the Rubber Plant is drought tolerant they do prefer humid tropical conditions. Water with moderate amounts of water during the warmer months and only when you notice the soil starting to dry in the colder months.


GROWTH HABIT: Slow growing and easy to grow. Its new leaves develop inside a sheath which will grow larger as the new leaf develops. The mature leaf will unfurl, dropping the sheath off the plant.


SIZE: Can grow very large but are slow growing so you can enjoy them indoors for many years particularly when potted.

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