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Ficus Pumila Variegated – FICUS ICE CAPS

Ficus Pumila Variegated – FICUS ICE CAPS

GST Included

This vigorous evergreen climber with small heart-shaped cream variegated foliage, is a very hardy creeper and will cover surfaces into a beautiful green in no time.

LIGHT: Will grow best in a mostly shaded location with plenty of indirect light.


WATER: During Spring and Summer give it a thorough watering until water seeps through the bottom of the pot then allow to drain to prevent root rot. During the cooler months water much less without soaking the soil.


GROWTH HABIT: A hardy self-clinging creeper that is drought tolerant once established and will grow on most surfaces with a very low profile. A good indoor option is to plant in hanging baskets to enjoy the cascading foliage.


SIZE: Will grow to 5+ meters high/wide

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