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Fittonia Minima - PINK

Fittonia Minima - PINK

GST Included

- 100mm pot -

The Fittonia minima is a popular spreading evergreen perennial with beautifully vibrant coloured leaves.

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LIGHT: Fittonias dislike strong, direct sunlight so if you notice your leaves starting to show signs of burn you may need to reposition in your home.


WATER: As Fittonias are tropical plants they will require regular watering to keep the soil moist. Be careful not to water too much though as this can cause the foliage to rot.


GROWTH HABIT: This tropical plant grows as a ground cover and can spread to about 30 cm. Its low-spreading habit makes it ideal for dish gardens and terrariums, where it’ll thrive with the help of high humidity. Pinch off stem tips regularly to keep the plant bushy and full. Fittonias have shallow roots, so you can keep it in a small pot.


SIZE: Will grow to 15cm tall

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