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Monstera Deliciosa - THAI CONSTELLATION

Monstera Deliciosa - THAI CONSTELLATION

GST Included

The Monstera Deliciosa - Thai Constellation, with its stunning variegated foliage, is one of the most sought after indoor plants around. It grows large leathery variegated green and cream leaves. This incredibly popular house plant looks amazing in a decorative pot as a focal point in any home.

LIGHT: A Monstera grows best in a bright environment but don’t place the plant in full sun, and certainly not behind a window where the sun shines directly through. This can lead to burnt leaves. If there is no growth during the summer months – when you can get one or two new leaves every week – the plant may be in too dark of a place. Move the pot so that more daylight can fall on it. Do not count on new leaves in the winter as the monstera is largely inactive.


WATER: The watering of this plant is very simple. The potting soil must always be slightly moist, but never too wet – make sure it’s never soggy or sitting in water.


GROWTH HABIT: They grow upright and can become large so you may need to stake it to support it as it grows.


SIZE: Can grow to 1 meter + tall.

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