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Monstera Lechleriana

Monstera Lechleriana

GST Included

Yes it's similar to its cousin the Swiss Cheese Plant but a bit more robust and a bit rarer.


This rare Climbing Monstera grows much like its cousins in the Monstera family. With it's vining or climbing nature these fast growers are great for hanging baskets or floor planters allowed to scale walls and can grow leaves up to 25cm in ideal conditions!

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LIGHT: The Lechleriana thrives in bright filtered sunlight.


WATER: Monstera Lechleriana loves water, but only water it only after the soil has begun drying out.


GROWTH HABIT: The Lechleriana might not have holes on some leaves while they are young but as it matures, they’ll develop and are usually more circular and smaller compared to those of the Swiss Cheese Plant.


SIZE: As they naturally grow in rainforests, Lechlerianas tend to climb over tree trunks so they can reach lofty heights when allowed.

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