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Monstera Standleyana is a rare but stunning climber that has dark green oval shaped leaves with  a mix of speckles, splashes and broad bands of pure white on them.

LIGHT: Position your Standleyana in a bright, well lit room with filtered sunlight.


WATER: They require a moderate amount of water, keeping soil moist throughout spring and summer, watering less in the cooler months. Originating from an area of higher humidity, they will do best with a spray/mist once a week with water in order to keep the leaves dust-free and damp.


GROWTH HABIT: The Monstera Standleyana grows best when allowed to climb, and develop a "stacked" or layered leaf structure. This species of Monstera does not develop holes (fenestrations) in the leaves as it matures, but its lance shaped leaves stay a beautiful glossy green with variable white variegation.


SIZE: Indoors these will grow to around 1 meter tall.

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