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Peperomia - PEPPERSPOT

Peperomia - PEPPERSPOT

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The Peperomia Pepperspot is an easy to grow vining species, well suited to hanging baskets.

The stems are long and soft, intertwining with each other for a unique look. An ideal succulent type plant for small spaces in need of a little liveliness.

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LIGHT: The Pepperspot grows well in bright indirect light. Position your plant in an east or west facing window with room for the plant to cascade down. They’ll even grow under fluorescent lights which also makes them great for offices or apartments too. If they don’t get enough light, growth will slow and direct sunlight can burn the leaves.


WATER: They don't' need a lot of water, allow the top 50% of soil to dry before you water, as they can store water in the thick leaves.


GROWTH HABIT: One of the lesser-known Peperomia varieties, Pepperspot is easy to care for, especially for beginners and is ideal in a hanging basket.


SIZE: Will grow to 50cm long

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