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Peperomia Verschaffeltii – MINI WATERMELON

Peperomia Verschaffeltii – MINI WATERMELON

GST Included


The Peperomia Verschaffeltii is an attractive addition to any houseplant collection. It has deep green foliage with light silver veins and is easy to look after. The leaves can be either flat and open or curled up making them quite unique!

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LIGHT: The Peperomia Verschaffeltii grows well in bright indirect light. Position your plant in a bright room or in a shaded position. Insufficient light will cause the growing to slow and direct sunlight will burn the leaves.


WATER: They don't need a lot of water, allow the top layer of soil to dry before you water. Overwatering can lead to root rot and underwatering will cause your plant to wilt.


GROWTH HABIT: Peperomia Verschaffeltii’s have elongated oval green leaves with striking, curved silver stripes.


SIZE: Up to 15cm tall.

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