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Philodendron Goeldii

Philodendron Goeldii

GST Included

Philodendron Goeldii is similar to other climbing Philodendron but climbing habit and leaves sets them apart. Their long fingered leaves will eventually grow upwards in a spiral which really makes this Philodendron a masterpiece.


This is a great plant to purify the air and they can thrive in low light settings making this a perfect indoor house plant!

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LIGHT: The Philodendron Goeldii appreciates a bright location in your home or office, out of reach of direct sunlight, somewhere it’ll receive plenty of ambient or filtered light.


WATER: The Philodendron Goeldii doesn't require a lot of watering. Allow the top layer of soil to dry between watering. If your plant is indoors wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to keep the foliage looking shiny and fresh.


GROWTH HABIT: The leaf starts out whole and then begins to split as the plant ages. He can look good as a small potted plant but really comes to life as a bigger plant when he shows you how he can climb, this is when you get to see the leaf split.


SIZE: Will grow up to 1.5 meters tall.

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