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Pilea Involucrata - NORFOLK

Pilea Involucrata - NORFOLK

GST Included

- 100mm pot -

This is an attractive, easy-to-grow house plant with colourful foliage. It has leaves that are dark green with a brownish tinge and a pair of silvery streaks running down either side of the center vein.

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LIGHT: They prefer bright indirect light.


WATER: They’ll do best if allowed to almost dry out between watering. Overwatering will lead to root rot.


GROWTH HABIT: These are very easy care but do need warmth and humidity to look their best. Commonly called the friendship plant as they are super easy to grow from cuttings, so you can share with your friends! Clusters of small, pink flowers will bloom just above the foliage.


SIZE: Will grow up to 50cm tall.

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