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Pilea Spruceana - SILVER TREE

Pilea Spruceana - SILVER TREE

GST Included

-100mm pot-

This easy-to-grow Pilea with colourful foliage, makes a beautiful indoor house plan.

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LIGHT: The Silver Tree will do best in medium indirect light, and may even tolerate low light but make sure to keep leaves from any direct sun as the they will burn.


WATER: Never allow the Silver Tree to dry out completely. Water when the top few centre meters of the soil has gone dry. Be mindful of the light your plant lives in, as this will dictate how much water the plant will need.


GROWTH HABIT: A relative of the more well known Pilea Peperomioides, this plant has a bit of a different growth habit wanting to creep more than to grow upwards.


SIZE: Will grow to around 25cm high

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