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Rumohra Adiantiformis – LEATHERLEAF FERN

Rumohra Adiantiformis – LEATHERLEAF FERN

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The dark green-coloured, lacy-looking, finely-cut, glossy, and triangular-shaped fronds give this beautiful plant a very tropical look.

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LIGHT: While they can survive in full shade, they cannot tolerate full sun and direct sunlight, so be careful not to expose your plant to full and direct sun.


WATER: While Leatherleaf Ferns need regular watering to thrive, they can survive with less frequent watering after they are fully established.


GROWTH HABIT: A feature of the Leatherleaf Fern distinguishing it from most other fern species is it does not have separate reproductive fronds. Since the fern species spreads slowly, it is suitable for growing in small spaces, pots, and hanging baskets as well.


SIZE: Will grow up to 1.2 meters tall.

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