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Schefflera Amarte Soleil – YELLOW UMBRELLA TREE

Schefflera Amarte Soleil – YELLOW UMBRELLA TREE

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The Soleil, or Yellow Umbrella Tree is a particularly hardy and classic indoor plant that produces very lush, glossy, lime green/yellow foliage.

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LIGHT: Although the Umbrella Plant doesn't like full sun, it does require a well lit room.


WATER: Like most houseplants, the Umbrella Tree doesn’t like to be kept consistently moist. Overwatering will lead to root rot so keep the watering consistent but do allow the top layer of soil to start to dry between watering.


GROWTH HABIT: A stunning houseplant with large leaves made up of around a dozen glossy leaflets that rotate outward from a single point.


SIZE: Can eventually grow into about a 10 foot tree outside, but can be easily held back indoors while in a pot.

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